How a professional wine tasting goes down

June 5, 2016

Since I began to work in wine I have partaken in multiple professional wine tastings. Some more disastrous than others. From missing the spit bucket, over tasting red wine before white wine, forgetting people's names, breaking glasses to drooling wine on my white shirt. I love wine tastings, I am improving, learning the etiquettes, but for me every tasting is a freaking challenge...which I always accept obviously. 

Let me enlighten you on how my professional wine tastings go down:


1. The feeling you get when entering a wine tasting event:



















2. The moment you realize you get to taste all 200 wines:













3. And then they tell you that you have 1 hour:














4. So you hurry and get an empty glass:














5. The moment someone hands you a little notebook (if you forgot yours) to take your wine tasting notes in (this is serious bizznizz):



















6. You finally start with your first pour (1 ounce) with a fresh palate (neutral tongue):















7. The wine producer asks you what you think and you have a very sophisticated comment:




















8. And then a 100 year old sommelier tells you that the wine lacks some minerality:






















9. You pull yourself together and walk to the next table of wines:














10. You turn around and a posh young know-it-all tells you to spit and not swallow:
















11. You realize you have 10 minutes left to taste the last 100 wines:












12. Your wine tasting partner reminds you to take notes: 















13. Wine number 178 leaves you like:















14. In the back of the room you find some bottled water:












15. The moment you realize you forgot to socialize so you'rehanding out your business cards like:














16. Time is up and you leave the building and someone asks you if you tasted all the wines:
















17. You are also absolutely starving so you eat the whole food stand outside:















18. You get home and reflect:




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