November 16, 2015

This weekend was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. 

My friends & I were sooo excited to take part at the MARGAUX SAVEURS, which is basically a weekend where the CHATEAUs from the world renowned appellation Margaux open their gates and doors to the public. After learning my lesson from my first Bordeaux wine tasting attempt (see October blog entry "Discovering Bordeaux"), my chance to actually explore these prestigeous wineries grew exponentially, LIKE I WOULD ACTUALLY GET INSIDE THE PROPERTIES!!! 


So we scheduled three visits in advance 1. Château Lascombes, 2. Château Cantenac-Brown and at last Château Paveil de Luze (owned by my boss from L.D.Vins, Frédéric de Luze). 

My best bud Victoria and I managed to get to Château Lascombes right on time (at 9:00am, WE ARE SOME SERIOUS AND DEDICATED WINE LOVERS), although with wet hair and spilt coffee on our pants. Classy as always.

We had a wonderful tour and then enjoyed a great tasting experience, where we tried Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Petit Verdot (on their own and not blended) and freshly out of the barrel for ageing. It was a once in a lifetime experience and very educational. Not only is their tasting room magnificent, but it also leads into beautiful dining and living rooms, where you just want to linger all day long.

Then we headed over to Château Cantenac Brown where we got an extensive tour around the winery, where we almost froze our little butts off. But the Château was so amazing and mysterious, that we got distracted very easily. In the tasting room they welcomed us with open arms and deliscous wines. There we did a parallel tasting of the 2004 and 2014 vintages. Their blend consists of 65% Cabernet Sauvignon and 35% Merlot. Quoting my friend Annabel:"The 2004 tastes like a dead pheasent or freshly shot deer...deliscous." The vintages were smoother than my Egyptean cotton bed spread and left you with a lingering feeling as if a forest fairy kissed you on the forehead.

After this tasting we were completely starved and slightly light-headed as I like to put it.

So we found a little pick-nick spot in the middle of an intersection between beautiful fall vineyards and one or two confused car drivers. 

When it comes to food and wine. We know what we're doing. Everyone brought something so we ended up with a 5 star buffet on a red bench consisting of beautiful baguettes, 3'649 different cheeses, foie gras, confit de canard, ham, black cherry jam,  salami, homemade brownies and cake. 

After fueling up we hit the road to Château Paveil de Luze. There we were greeted in a very welcoming lobby, including a fireplace. They took us on a tour through the vinification center, barrel room and out to the park side with a lake. We saw a stand up paddle board in a corner which made us think that 1. the family lives here 2. do they have sons ;-) Inside their spacious tasting room we tried their newly released wines Paveil de Luze 2013 and Petit Paveil 2013. The wines were a perfect finish to a perfect day. 




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