About the Platzhirsch Hotel in Zürich and other fun wine places.

March 31, 2017

End of November was my first visit at the  Platzhirsch Boutique Hotel & Bar, where I met Mathias Bechtel, president of Junge Schweiz Neue Winzer (Young Switzerland New Winemakers), alongside other young Swiss winemakers. Sigi Gübeli (owner and manager of this great establishment), her husband and other winophiles were also present. In this

comfy and cozy environment we tasted different wines from these young winemakers, who organize tastings once a month at Platzhirsch. 

That evening was the start of some great projects and friendships I value deeply (here with Mathias Bechtel). 


On Thursday, 16. March I entered the Platzhirsch Boutique Hotel & Bar with a good friend form California and some really nasty dark circles under my eyes. A Panda bear has less dark circles under its eyes than me. True to a Swiss saying: My home, my program; I decided to take a vacation day in my own town.

The freshly renovated hotel with its white walls, fresh sents, clear lines and light rooms is a blessing to my computer screen tired eyes. Here my very Swiss German reaction to our Classic Superior Room on the top floor:


I freakin love interior architecture. So shout out to Sigi for combining modern simplicity with almost 200 year old wooden beams. Furthermore she wants to decorate the room with a bird origami mobile.  

Genius. The hotel is a true combo of 1879 neoclassic style and Swiss Made Design.





There is something about having the top room in a hotel. It always gives me a good feeling. It first of all reminds me of my grandfather who would throw a massive tantrum if he didn't get the top room (or suite in his case) in a hotel and secondly because it just feels slightly royal. And who does not appreciate that feeling. Honestly though. But mostly the high roof in this room here felt good. It gives you space to breath and think. Plus you don't run the chance of having an extended family reunion marching around on your head all night long. Silence & space, a true and rare luxury.



Find some more pics of the darling rooms here:

Economy & Classic Rooms





After checking for my favourite must-haves in a hotel room... 



- Bathrobe CHECK

- Slippers CHECK

- Sewing Set (cuz I am still adulting and rip my clothes all the time) CHECK

- Coffee Machine / Coffee Maker / Hot Water for Instant Coffee CHECK 



... we pursue our city vacation and stroll through the beautiful and narrow streets of the Niederdörfli neighbourhood, before attending THE wine tasting event of the Junge Schweiz Neue Winzer.


 After showing Sarah the lay of the grounds, we decided it was high time to go to the tasting event at the Restaurant Neumarkt. There's no coincidence why this event took place in this restaurant. This gem of a place offers authentic, traditional Swiss cuisine exclusively. Everything is organic, everything high quality. Not only is it a Swiss treasure chest for epicures, but it is also the first official partner restaurant of Mémoires des Vins Suisses (the association of the best Swiss winemakers).





Because I get super distracted and positively nervous at wine tasting, I tend to blog like a 14-year old. Here the insight:


 Obviously I (re-)visited many more winemakers. But at some point I just wanted to enjoy speaking with people rather than shoving my phone in their faces. 


Now thinking back to this event, one thought in particular comes to my mind. Harmonious hard work. These winemakers from all parts of our tiny little country count probably to the most hard working people in our land. Winemaking in Switzerland is not like winemaking in California. Snow, hail, steep slopes, manual labor etc. is daily business. And they are. Smiling and selling their wines. Not as competitors, but as neighbours. Absolutely inspiring. 

Sarah and I made our way back to the hotel, jumped on to the bed and started this:

After talking about wine and the world I slipt into my Pj's and slept through the whole night (inclusively open mouth breathing). Which hasn't happened to me since 1998.


Thankfully I drank a cup of coffee in bed, checking the daily news. Cuz: No life before coffee. I made myself ready for the day (mentally and physically) and headed downstairs to the breakfast area, where a wonderful Swiss Zmorge was waiting, not just for me, but for all the winemakers too because they also slept there. I ran into the winemaker Susi Wehrli who is from the same little corner of Aargau like me and we ate our breakfast together. A nice rustic Müsli, a perfect buttery croissant and a pinch of total bliss. 


A perfect start into the day. Which started without Panda bear eyes. THANK YOU SIGI, THANK YOU PLATZHIRSCH TEAM for giving me a break, in my own city <3














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About the Platzhirsch Hotel in Zürich and other fun wine places.

March 31, 2017

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