Wine keeping & cellaring


For heaven's sake just drink it.

At my door step. Much appreciated.

1. Go over to my house

2. Store it on my table

I actually really don't know.

I like to drink my wine, not look at it.

You have more wine than you can drink? I applaud you. #lifegoals

How long can I keep opened wine?

White Wine
Rosé Wine

3 - 7 days

6 -7 days

Red Wine

3 -5 days


1 -2 days

Go the extra mile and try to finish it ;)

Where do I keep opened wine?



- Standing Upright

- IN THE DARK (closet, cellar)


How do I store opened wine?


- Standing upright

- Red & White: Put a cork in it / Screw Top on

- Bubbles: Needs a wine bottle stopper










WIne by the glass:


For serious Drinkers :-)

     Preserve your wine from oxidation

Biggest enemy of wine:





Keeping oxygen out of

the opened bottle



Wine Fridge

THIS IS SERIOUS STUFF. If your love for wine exceeds the budget of a Coravin tool but is still under the one of a whole freakin wine cellar...then this is the right investment.


Why age wine?

Because you own more wine then you can drink. Bravo. You made it.


1. Some wines improve with age (like people)


2. Some wines increase in value over time


3. For romantic reasons like a special vintage (Birthday, anniversary) or a special wine (from a great trip, a great memory)


4. You work in the wine industry and it is the only present you get from your friends and now you are drowning in it and putting it under the couch just won't cut it anymore and you can't handle this first world problem anymore



What happens when you age your wine? 
- Aroma, colour, mouthfeel (structure) changes
Which wines can age? 
- More reds than whites
- Reds: Nebbiolo, Barolo, Barbaresco, Red Bordeaux (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot)
- Whites: Heavy-body, big Chardonnay (from Burgundy), Sauternes (high RS), Riesling &
              Gewürztraminer (if harvested late, high RS) 
RS = Residual Sugar: Left over sugar in wine, which remains even after fermentation (normally all the sugar ferments into alcohol but you can stop in this process in winemaking and leave some sugar in the wine WOW)

Link for detailed wine aging potentials:

 > How long to cellar which wine 

by Wine Folly

Only 1% of all wines are ment to be aged (from 5 years up to 30 years)

99% of all wines are ment to be drunk under 1 year 

"Drink young" means: Drink under 5 years

How does wine change?
- Wine stays alive in the bottle, it never rests

Wine gets falt over the years because it loses acidity


So the higher the acidity, the higher the chance some of it will stay 


Tannins give the wine structure. Over the years, these fall out of the wine (=sediments)

So the more tannins, the higher the chance the wine will still have structure to it

Desert wines with a lot of residual sugar can age practically forever


Look for: Port, Madeira, Sherry, Sauternes


Over time alcohol can turn into vinegar


So the lower the alcohol %, the smaller the chance of your wine turning into salad dressing

How is a wine cellar set up?


A wine cellar is basically a huge refrigerator. Because of the high humidity, the 2 most important things are the cooling system and insulation.

A cooling sytsem manages humidity (in very dry areas) and temperature. The walls and ceiling must consist an insulation (foam board) and a vapor barrier, whereas the concrete floor only needs a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier is usually a plastic or foil sheet, which protects walls from moisture. After this, the walls are covered with water-resistant drywall. Finally the wine cellar can be decorated with the following materials:

Material must resist humidity:


- Mahagony

- Redwood

- Walnut

- Iron


> scentless




Must be rot &

mildew resistant


- Redwood


- Slate

- Slate

- Brick

- Granite








- Slate

- Tile

- Marble

- Vinyl